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Our Products are Installed with some of the top entities and brands in Egypt, USA and Europe.

Solar Water Heaters

pattern design-03.png
200L. png.png
Hilton - Calpak_edited.png
Iberotel - Calpak_edited.png
Beit El Wady - Calpak_edited.png
Stella Di Mari - Calpak_edited.png
Beau Site - Calpak_edited.png
Pepsi - Calpak.png
Heineken Al Ahram - Logo_edited.png
juhayna - Logo_edited.png
Vodafone - calpak.png
Calpak Logo_edited.png
Steingenberger - Calpak_edited.png
Coca-Cola - Calpak.png

Solar Advertisement Benches

Solar Adv. Bench 1.png
Microsoft - Engo.png
Volvo - Engo.png
AT&T - Engo.png
Telenor - Engo.png
City of Belgrade - Engo_edited.png

Solar Powered Benches 

and Solar Picnic Tables

Picnic Purple.png
Inframarks Logo_edited.png
gemeente-Zaanstad  - Inframarks_edited.p
gemeente-Oldenzaal - inframarks_edited.p
Gemeente-Utrecht - Inframarks_edited.png
Gemeente-Den-Haag -
gemeente-Wijdemeren - inframarks_edited.

Solar Charging Lockers

and Solar Charging Tables

Solar Charging Locker.png
kpmg - GoCharge.png
freeman - GoCharge.png
reed - GoCharge.png
live_nation - GoCharge.png
forrester - GoCharge.png
smartsource - GoCharge_edited.png
jpm_chase - GoCharge.png
ukhealth - GoCharge_edited.png
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