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Headquartered in Cairo – Egypt, with 15 years of Experience in the Middle East, Solarena Engineering is one of the leading companies in Egypt providing advanced Solar Engineering Solutions for the Residential, Retail, Construction, Education, Industrial and Hospitality Segments.

Our success was and will always be about our strong Engineering and Training Support, our Customers’ Satisfaction and our Strong Partners.

Our products are one-of-a-kind, especially when it  comes to remote areas where Electrical Infrastructure is of a challenge. We offer a large and diversified range of solutions to Houses, Universities, Schools, Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Business Districts, Residential Compounds, Remote Camping Sites and all kinds of Sports Venues.

Solarena Engineering stands out from the crowd with its Energy Saving Engineering Consultation, Engineering is our passion, and our passion is to help you solve your Energy usage problems in the most cost effective way.


Backed up by our wide range of products and services, our Engineers come to your facility, conduct a full study about your Energy Consumption, prepare for you a professional Energy saving and Cost saving Proposal.

Coming from USA, Germany, Greece, France and the Netherlands, Our Partners manufacture high quality, reliable and durable products and always offer advanced solutions through education and innovation.

Our Vision

Solarena Engineering’s vision is to become the top customer choice for high-end Residential and Commercial Solar Solutions in Egypt. 

Solarena to be a one-stop shop specialized in all Solar Technologies in the Market through continuous development and by always bringing the latest Solar Technologies and Products to the Market.

We value excellence in providing high quality Products made by some of the Biggest Brand names in their industry and paired with its one-of-a-kind After-Market service.

Our Mission

Solarena’s mission is to Promote the importance of the Renewable Energy Industry in the Egyptian Market through continuous Education and Innovation.


We aim to provide high-end Solar Solutions to high-end customers that are seeking the best and most reliable products and services available in the market.

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